We partner with and seek advice from organizations and individual experts around the globe. Some of our partners are listed below:

Labour Education Foundation (Pakistan)

Established in 1993 as a non-government organization, Labour Education Foundation (LEF) is an initiative of renowned trade union leaders, human rights and women rights activists to organize, capacitate and advocate for workers rights and provide informed input to trade unions and various civil society organizations for promoting workers rights. Having offices in Lahore, Karachi and Mardan, LEF conducts its activities throughout Pakistan. Read more.

Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies – BILS (Bangladesh)

Established in 1995, Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies-BILS is the only labour institute of the country. As an apex organization, BILS endeavors to uphold the causes of working people and trade unions of Bangladesh. 13 major National Trade Union Federations are associated with BILS. Read more.

Re Mmoho Solutions (Lesotho)

Re Mmoho Solution was borne out of Better Work, a flagship program of the UN's International Labour Organization, jointly led by the World Bank Group's International Finance Corporation. 

When the project drew to a close in 2016, it was clear that there was more work to be done, and continued demand for professional compliance services in Lesotho.

ReMmoho brings the expertise of the ILO/IFC Better Work programme tailored for the local market. The aim of the organization is to be the preferred partner for meeting your compliance needs in Lesotho and neighbouring countries. Read more.

Aykut Kazanci - Senior Advisor- Supply Chain (China & South East Asia)

Ethically oriented with a strong emphasis to drive results at work from issue remediation perspective. Ability to function both in for-profit as well as non-profit networks to create reasonable solutions. Versatile soft skills critical for ethically oriented business functions involving human engagement. Inclusive in processes in supply chain operations and stakeholder related functions with ability to realistically draft long term models to innovate an eco-system for delivery. Read more.

Lalita Mahendramurti - Experienced Social Compliance Auditor (Indonesia)

Experienced social auditor serving mostly garment & shoe industry in Indonesia. Supporting HR practitioners in the factory to implement labor law, improving management-worker communication, and building capacity of shop floor supervisors in leading teams. Read more.