Sourcing & Quality Support

We provide services for production and quality inspections. We also help source factories based on a buyers needs and product style. 

Vendor Management

We manage and also train vendors to respond to new sourcing ways. 

Supply Chain Management

We set up offices to respond internally to change and transformation from the traditional sourcing methods to sourcing for fast fashion, for buyers in Europe and USA. 

Social Compliance Assessments

Audits are undertaken to assess the risks at a factory during a certain point in time. Innovatus team has the capability of utilizing client provided audit protocols and tools or using its own comprehensive audit platform and risk assessment tools.

Fire Safety

We provides full service consulting on fire safety management, inspection and knowledge management services. This includes conducting fire safety audits and inspections, developing risk-based fire safety assessment tools, hosting and developing fire safety programs.

Remediation & Corrective Action Plan (CAP) Management 


High Risk Investigations



Compliance Program Management



C-TPAT Assessments


Social Risk Intelligence & Analysis




We manage remediation and factory improvement plans right from creating a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) and working with the factory to follow-up and remediate outstanding CAP findings. The process is a continuous flow and tracks all steps taken by factory as they remediate. We build in notification and alerts as progress is made or where there is a lag. We help conduct root cause analysis while working closely with the factory management so that issues can be addressed in a way that there is minimal recurrence. 

We conduct high risk investigations on specific complaints raised by workers that are critical. The complaints could include issues around freedom of association, harassment, discrimination, wages to name a few. Naturally, each type of problem demands its own methods of investigation. However, certain common threads run through each type of investigation situation. Our knowledge about the labor laws, understanding the importance of upholding the privacy rights of workers and others plays a key role in any investigation we must conduct. Our ultimate goal is to discover the underlying reasons for the problem so that corrective action can be undertaken.

Specifically tailored to assist Brands, Retailers and Licensees, we provide services for managing their social monitoring program. This can include stakeholder outreach too at the local level, as and when needed. We take care of the complete audit process, including scheduling the audit with an approved, Third Party Auditor; managing any payment transactions; creating a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) and working with the supplier to follow-up on and remediate outstanding CAP findings.


We offer full services for consulting, education and auditing to assist brands and retailers in implementing supply chain security programs. 


We also provide meaningful social intelligence to customers who have a need to manage or understand social change in an industry or a country. This enables them to respond quickly and confidently to situations, risks and opportunities. The phenomenal growth of the Internet and social media means that organizations and individuals have unprecedented amounts of information available at their fingertips. 


Innovatus undertakes research assignments for organizations, including private companies, multi-laterals as well as multi-stakeholder bodies.